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1/2" Inch Drive Mini Impact Wrench Kit 3/8" Air Hose Couplers Plugs Flexzilla

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1/2" Inch Drive Mini Impact Wrench Kit 3/8" Air Hose Couplers Plugs Flexzilla

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Flexzilla Mini Impact Wrench Kit

This mini impact wrench features a compact design which is ideal for those tight spaces.  This fits great in your hands.  It is 4.4" wide and approximately 8" long.  Extreme lightweight composite design with 2.5 lbs. torque selector with a maximum torque of 550 ft. lbs.  This is easy to control with its patented forward/reverse toggle switch.  This wrench is designed with a handle exhaust which directs air away from the user.  This wrench also has an ergonomic grip with a 1/4" NPT Air inlet with built in swivel.

Specifications for Mini Impact Wrench:

1 - Pro Impact Wrench
Breakaway Torque: 800 ft. lbs
Speed: 9500 RPM
Air Consumption: 4.8 cfm 
Ergonomic Grip
Extreme Lightweight Composite Design
Maximum Torque: 500 ft. lbs
Patented Forward/Reverse Toggle Switch


This kit comes with 50' feet of 3/8" air hose.  This air hose is field repairable, and manufactured with anodized aircraft aluminum fittings.  Flexzilla air hoses feature an extreme all-weather flexibility even in subzero temperatures.  It will lay flat with no memory making this air hose not to kink under pressure.  This air hose has a working pressure at 70 degrees F of 300 PSI.  This air hose is made with an abrasion-resistant outer cover including spiral bend restrictors for increased flexibility.  It also reduces wear and tear, increading the life of the hose.

Specifications for Air Hose:

50' Feet of 3/8" Air Hose with 1/4" MNPT Fittings
Extreme All-Weather Flexibilty (-40 degrees to 140 degrees F)
Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Fittings
Field Repairable
No Memory
Abrasion-Resistant Outer Cover


Also included in this kit are the high flow couplers and plugs to help get the job done efficiently and quickly.  Flexzilla pro high flow couplers and plugs allow for twice the flow to your air tools.  Using these couplers and plugs from the compressor all the way to your tool will make for a more efficient work flow. Allowing for increased efficiency and maximum torque.  Includes several couplers and plugs, one is a Ball swivel which rotates 360 degrees at a 30 degree angle.

Specifications of Couplers/Plugs:

 Twice the Flow
1 - High Flow Coupler 1/4" Body, 1/4" FNPT
1 - High Flow Coupler 1/4" Body, 1/4" MNPT
2 - High Flow Plug 1/4" Body, 1/4" FNPT
3 - High Flow Plug 1/4" Body, 1/4" MNPT
1 - High Flow Ball Swivel Plug 1/4" Body, 1/4" MNPT