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1.5 LBS of Dessicant Beads For Desiccant Air Dryers

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1.5 LBS of Dessicant Beads For Desiccant Air Dryers

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This listing is for a 1.5 pound container of color changing desiccant beads for use in desiccant air dryers for compressed air. Desiccant beads are used to remove moisture and humidity from the air line. These desiccant beads are dark blue in color and will change to a light clear pink when they have absorbed there maximum amount of moisture and need to be changed. Note when they start to turn pink they have usually about 40% life left in them so it is a personal preference how soon you change them also depends on how important it is that you get no moisture in your air line. We recommend that you change them as soon as they turn to a light pink in color for optimum performance. These beads do come with a (msds) Material Safety Data Sheet.

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