2 / 3 HP Schulz Industrial Grade Single Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor Pump MLS-10MAX

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Schulz Cast Iron Model: MLS 10 MAX Air Compressor Pump-

(Plus Bonus Free Intake Filter)
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This listing is for a Schulz model 10 cast iron oil lubricated single stage air compressor pump. This is a long lasting industrial quality pump that pumps up to 140 max psi. This pump will work with 2 or 3 horse power motors. With a 2 HP motor your CFM will be around 8.5 displacement CFM at 810 rpm, with a 3 HP motor spinning at 950 RPM will produce about 10 displacement CFM. We recommend that you spin this pump between 700 and 1000 RPM for best results. This makes a great replacement pump for most any air compressor with a 2 - 3 HP motor with its slotted base it will adapt to a lot of tanks without any modification, if it does not fit your current pump mounting holes, new holes can easily be drilled. The head and cylinder of this compressor also can be flipped around to put the air outlet / discharge on either side of the pump for easy installation. If the fly wheel is a different size than the pump you currently have it is easy to calculate what size pulley you will need to put on your motor, (you take motor RPM x diameter of motor pulley and divide it by diameter of the pump pulley) that will give you the RPM you pump will be spinning. Dimensions and Specs below.


• 2 cylinder
• 2" pistons
• 125 PSI Recomended
• 140 PSI Max
• Oil lubricated
• Fly wheel diameter 10"
• Fly wheel uses one (A) section belt
• Air discharge port on head is 3/8" female pipe thread which measures about 9/16" in diameter
• Looking at the flywheel side the air outlet / discharge port comes out on the right hand side.
• Oil sight glass located on front of the pump for easy viewing.
• If looking at the front of the pump where sight glass is located the bolt mounting holes are 5 7/8" wide center to center, the bolt holes are slotted from front to back so the bolt holes from the front of the pump to the back can be anywhere 4 3/4" center to center to 6 1/4" center to center.
• Total width of pump 7"
• Total depth including fly wheel 11.25"
• Total height a little over 12"
• Free intake filter included as shown in the picture-