24 Piece Bungee Cord Assortment Bungees Mini Cords Tarp Cord Adj. Hooks O-Ring 42450

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CargoLoc 24 Piece Bungee Cord Pack - Multiple Lengths and Styles

Secure everything you need on your car, boat, or UTV with this 24-piece assortment of CargoLoc bungee cords, mini cords, tarp cords, adjustable hooks, and cross fastening O-ring. This kit is perfect for securing anything you need to take with you on the road. From tarps to pole extensions to small coolers, this kit will make sure everything stays in place during trip. Don't let loose items distract you from your adventure, keep everything secure with this all-in-one kit. For a complete list of included items, please see below.

What's Included:

• (2) 18" Bungee Cords - Blue
• (2) 24" Bungee Cords - Red
• (2) 30" Bungee Cords - Yellow
• (2) 36" Bungee Cords - Green
• (6) 10" Mini Cords
• (6) 10" Tarp Cords
• (2) Adjustable Hooks with Latches