V Belt 3L345 3/8" x 34.5" Aramid V-Belt Lawn Garden Mower Snowblower

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3L345 Replacement V-Belt - 34.5" x 3/8" Aramid Cord Dry Wrap

 This Aramid Cord Dry Wrap V-Belt measures 34.5" (outer diameter) by 3/8" wide. This belt works great as a replacement for v-belts used on a lot of common lawn and garden equipment. The aramid dry wrap offers greater resistance to abrasion when compared to similar rubber belts, resistance to organic solvents, is non-conductive, and low flammability. 


• Amarid Cord Dry Wrap

 • Length: 34.5"

• Width: .37" (3/8")

• Height: .23"

This listing is for one (1) belt. Does not include any hardware or other accessories.