755H Compressor Pump Head Assembly for Kobalt Sanborn Powermate Air Compressors

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042-0108 Head Assembly for the 755H Air Compressor Pump

This is a 042-0108 head assembly for the 755H air compressor pump that is commonly found on Sanborn, Kobalt, Craftsman and Powermate air compressors. The most common reason for replacing the head is if your air compressor is producing less pressure than normal. This kit includes the head and reed valves that are installed in the head. (See pictures)


• Head

• Reed Valves
• Part Number: 042-0108

List of Common Compressors Using the 755H Pump:

KLA3706056, LLA3706056, 221565, 138336, LA3606056,LA3706056, LA7006056, CLA3606056, SL3706056, MLA3706056, LA3706056, ILA7006056, SLA7006056, SPA0502054, LA3606056, LA3706056, PLA3706056, LA7006056, CLA3606056, C601H, 911625, C602H, SL3706056, PXCM601, ILA3606056, ILA7006056, SLA7006056, LA1953054, KLA3706056, LLA3706056, 221565, 138336, LA3606056, LA3706056, PLA3706056, LA7006056, CLA3606056