76 PC Wrench Organizer Holder Tray Combination Stubby Flare Hex Grip Tool 67248

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76 PC Wrench Organizer

This wrench organizer is a great addition to help keep your tools organized and looking good.  This Organizer is manufactured by GRIP Tools, and features durable 1/8" ABS plastic that can be cut to fit smaller drawers.  This is used to organize up to 29 Combination, 20 Stubby, 3 flare nut, and 24 hex key wrenches all in one place.    


* Use to Organize up to 29 Combination, 20 Stubby, 3 Flare Nut, and 24 Hex Key Wrenches
* Durable 1/8" ABS Plastic can be Cut to Fit Smaller Drawers

Dimensions are approximately 16" Long X 21.5" Wide