Air Compressor Electronic Auto Tank Drain Valve Moisture Timer

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Automatic Electronic Air Compressor Tank Drain Valve Moisture Kit Timer

This listing is for a brand new air compressor / compressed air tank automatic electronic drain valve kit with a strainer. This is a complete kit ready to hook up! It is set up for tanks that have 1/4" drain ports but can be enlarged with a reducer if you would need to. Unlike most auto drains that people hook up at bottom of the tank and they get broken off or tripped over. This kit was made so it mounts at the top of the tank on the compressor base plate(As shown in the pictures). It is a very simple way to mount the drain and is very convenient. All you have to do is drill a 9/16" hole for the 1/4" pipe nipple to go through on the base plate and hook it up! (Note if the tank base plate is not 1/4" thick or more you may need to buy a washer so it tightens up). On this valve, you can adjust it to drain from 1-15 seconds and every 1-45 minutes. This kit comes with a drain, a wise strainer to keep the gunk out of the valve, all the fittings, 12 feet of 1/4" hose, and a roll of Teflon tape. When it comes to draining your tank it won't get any easier than this. If you have any questions about installation or concerns, please contact us. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications

• Includes 12 Feet Of 1/4" Hose And A Roll Of Teflon Tape
• Specially Designed To Be Mounted On Top Of The Tank Compressor Base Plate
• Adjustable Valve Drain With A Built In Strainer
• Set It And Forget It Valve Draining Timer
• Strainer Keeps Gunk Out Of The Valve