7" Mini Utility Pry Bar Allied Tools Drop Forged High Carbon Steel Nail Puller

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Allied Tools 7" Mini Pry Bar

This 7" Mini Pry bar is a handy on-the-go tool to have where ever go! Its body and tips are made of drop forged high carbon steel and heat treated for maximum strength so you can get the most out of your prying needs. This bar is able to take on a variety of tasks such as pulling nails, tacks and staples out of where ever they are planted. Scrap away old putty with ease as well as caulking work and stubborn glue spots. Lids and mouldings giving you trouble? No worries, this pry bar has you covered at all angles and projects and takes them on with its sturdy, compact design.


• Drop forged high carbon steel
• Heat treated for maximum strength
• Pulls nails, tacks, and staples
• Prys lids, trimmings and mouldings
• Scraps away old putty, caulking and glue