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Digital Tire Gauge Air Pressure 5 in 1 Emergency Tool Maxcraft 60301 LCD

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Digital Tire Gauge Air Pressure 5 in 1 Emergency Tool Maxcraft 60301 LCD

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Maxcraft Digital Tire Gauge (60301)
5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

Keep the Maxcraft 5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool in easy reach and stay safe on the road, no matter what comes your way.  Your first line of defense is to make sure your tires are properly inflated with the 100 PSI tire gauge and its lighted digital display. Often a light is the best tool you can have so this one has two - a bright white LED flashlight for all-purpose illumination and a red LED map light that lets you read while preserving your night vision. But this tool really shines when you need it most. In an accident, seat belts and tempered glass protect you upon impact but can trap
you in the vehicle. Cut away tangled or locked restraints with the seat belt cutter. Its blade is covered with a fixed hood to prevent injury and keep it razor sharp and ready. The emergency hammer has a sharp, ultra-hard carbide tip that
you can use to shatter tempered safety glass. Its spring-loaded head folds away for safe storage.


-100 PSI tire pressure gauge with lighted display helps you keep tires properly inflated for safe driving

-Bright LED flashlight offers dependable illumination in any situation

-Red LED map and reading light preserves your night vision

-Seat belt cutter with safety hood slices away restraints to free trapped passengers

-Emergency hammer with fold-away head shatters tempered glass providing an escape route