Flexzilla 3-Piece Hose Nozzle Kit with Quick Connections Legacy MFG HFZGAK02

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Flexzilla 3-Piece Nozzle Kit with Quick Connections

This Flexzilla 3-piece nozzle kit is a premium quality product constructed with quick connections and comes complete with a quick connect spray nozzle, stop-flow coupler, and a quick connect attachment adaptor which makes gardening simple and easy.  When it comes to premium hoses, cords, and attachments look no further then Flexzilla!


• Inline connection allows water to flow directly, increasing water flow, pressure, and power by 30%

• Select from soft mist for flowers and plants, or a jet spray for distances up to 20'

• Perfect for any job in the shop, garage or home

• Ergonomic handle provides an easy grip for less user fatigue

• Stop-Flow Coupler prevents user from being sprayed when connecting and disconnecting nozzle

• Quick Connect Attachment adapter to easily connect to sprinkler or other attachments