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Quick Line 100 ft 3/4" Compressed Air Aluminum Piping Complete System Tubing Kit

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Quick Line 100 ft 3/4" Compressed Air Aluminum Piping Complete System Tubing Kit

Regular price $349.95

Brand new Quick Line 3/4" compressed air piping system by Aircom. This kit features solid aluminum tubing that can be easily assembled using Aircom's quick link fittings. Each fitting is designed to ensure maximum CFM flow throughout the system and provide 100% air tight seals between sections of tubing. This is a top quality kit made by Aircom and is designed and manufactured in Italy.

Aircom produces Industrial Grade Products and this is the same piping that has been installed for companies such as: Tesla, SpaceX, Michelin, Black & Decker, and more! This product is rated Safety Factor 5 and all pipe and fittings have burst tests at 10x the nominal pressure (1900 PSI)!

Pictured above is everything you will receive in this kit! You will receive a connector hose as well with this kit, that is a $40 value! Also shown is a close up of the quality aluminum piping, a close up on how the fittings go together on the tubes, and a universal diagram of how this could be setup in a shop, garage, or commercial setting.
This kit will provide you with a high quality, long lasting, professional quality air line system that anyone can install! Another great feature of this product is that you can add piping, additional drops, lines, and accesories at any time! This kit is fully customizable to your unique needs and application and we carry a full line of fittings and attachments that are compatible with this system! This is a perfect air line system for compressors up to 40 CFM and 188 PSI constant working pressure!

This Kit Includes:

6.5' 20mm / 3/4" Tubing Sections (qty. 15)
20mm / 3/4" Tubing Wall Mount Clips (qty. 30)
20mm / 3/4" Tubing Unions (qty. 6)
20mm / 3/4" Tubing 90° Elbows (qty. 5)
20mm / 3/4" Tubing Equal Tees (qty. 3)
1/2" Female NPT Single 45° Outlet Block (qty. 3)
1/2" Female NPT Dual Outlet Block w/ Optional Moisture Drain Tap (qty. 1)
3/4" Male NPT Threaded Fitting to Pipe Adapter Used for Compressor Connection (qty. 1)
Deburrer Tool (qty. 1)
Fitting Wrench (qty. 1) 

Industrial Grade
ASME Compliant
Safety Factor 5

If Tubing Needs To Be Cut, We Reccomend Using A Standard Tubing Cutter. 
The Dual Outlet Block Included Has A 1/4" Female Thread In The Bottom To Put An Optional Moisture Drain If Needed. It Does Need To Be Drilled Out If Its Going To Be Used. 

For Best Results The Tubing Clips Should Be Placed Every 4 - 5 Feet.