Tekton 3/8" x 3' Rubber Lead-In Swivel Air Hose Whip 250 PSI Made in the USA 46347

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Brand new Tekton 3/8" x 3' rubber air hose whip with swivel end, part number: 46347. This is a high quality rubber air hose that is made in the USA by Tekton. This is a 3/8" inside diameter hose with solid brass 1/4" NPT threaded ends on each side. One end has a 1/4" male NPT swivel end and the other is a 1/4" female NPT hose end. This hose is perfect for connecting supply lines, hose reels, compressors, and other system components. Even in extreme cold, this hose stays flexible and prevents vibrations from moving parts from traveling through the system and loosening connections or causing leaks. Solid brass end connectors never corrode and seal better against leaking than aluminum, steel, or zinc. 



Part Number: 46347

Lead In / Hose Whip

3/8" x 3'

3/8" Inside Diameter

250 PSI Working Pressure

1100 PSI Burst Pressure

Solid Brass Hose Ends

1/4" Male NPT Swivel End

1/4" Female NPT End

Flexible Rubber Hose

Durable Spiral Yarn Enforcement