Workshop 4 Piece Plastic Trim and Removal Tool Set 85877 Door Panel Removal

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Workshop 4 Piece Plastic Trim and Removal Tool

This Workshop 85877RP 4 Piece Trim and Removal toolset is constructed out of plastic to reduce damage or scratching to interior parts or painted finishes.  You can use these tools to safely remove auto body molding, door panels, and window trim.  Thes can also be useful to disassemble dashboards, consoles, computers and electronics, upholstery, and much more!  This includes an 8" slim-taper pry bar, 7" Pry bar, 5-1/2" Notched Straight Tool, and a 5-1/2" Tapered End Straight Tool.  


• 4 Piece Set
• Disassemble Dashboards, Consoles
• Also Great for Computers & Electronics
• Upholstery, and much more!
• 8" Slim-Taper Pry Bar
• 7" Pry Bar
• 5-1/2" Notched Straight Tool
• 5-1/2" Tapered End Straight Tool