1/2" Compressed Air In Line Desiccant Dryer Moisture / Water Filter Trap

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1/2" NPT compressed air moisture filter desiccant dryer unit. Also included is two refills of desiccant beads. This filter/desiccant dryer removes water, oil, and humidity from compressed air. The desiccant bead dryer will remove water and humidity in the compressed air. These desiccant beads change color from blue to light pink when they are saturated and need to be changed. This has a quick-release bowl for easy maintenance, also the bowl is clear and has a metal guard that provides easy viewing of contents as well as providing impact protection.


• Max pressure: 150 PSI
• Air inlet and outlet: 1/2" Female NPT (measure about 3/4" in diameter)
• Total filter Width: 3"
• Total filter height: 8"
• Filter is directional flow and is marked; each port is marked In & Out.