1/2" NPT Air Compressor Intake Filter Silencer Metal Housing and Element

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1/2" NPT Metal Intake Filter Silencer For Air Compressors

Brand new universal metal air filter housing with included filter element. This filter housing has 1/2" male pipe threads that attach to your intake. This filter is 3-1/4" tall (including threads) and 2-3/8" in diameter. The included filter element measures 2-1/4" diameter and is 1" thick. This is a high-quality air intake filter that fits most portable air compressors. Please see below for more details and specifications.


• 1/2" Male Pipe Thread (Measures 3/4" Wide)
• Filter Housing Height: 3-1/4" (Including Threads)
• Filter Housing Width: 2-3/8"
• Includes Filter Element
• Filter Element Measures 2-1/4" in Diameter x 1" Thick