1/4" Air Compressor Tank Moisture Pull Cable Drain Valve Brass Quality USA Made

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Brand new industrial grade 1/4" male NPT compressed air tank cable style pull drain. This drain is designed to replace an existing twist style petcock style moisture release tank drain. The drain valve screws into the bottom of your tank where the petcock drain was and the cable connected to the drain valve mounts up on the base plate of the air tank or somewhere that it is easy to pull. With this style of drain, you don't have to get underneath the tank to drain it, you just pull the cable and it releases the moisture. This drain valve is made in the USA and is solid brass. The 55" wire cable connected to it has a poly coating over it. This valve drains when the connected cable pulls the pin in the center of the valve to the side. This drain is similar to our CDV25 Pull Style Tank Drain. This valve is the same size threads as the CDV25 (1/4" Male NPT) however this drain releases air and moisture in a larger volume. We recommend this drain for compressed air tanks that are 80 gallons or larger.


• Drain connection: 1/4" Male NPT (measures about 1/2" in diameter)
• Max pressure: 250 PSI
• Cable length: 55"
• Recommended for Air Tanks 80 Gallons and Larger
• Cable Features a Poly Coating