1/4" Heavy Duty Air Compressor Tank Moisture Release Pull Style Drain

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Heavy-duty 1/4" Male NPT pull-style air tank moisture drain with 36" poly-coated steel cable. This is a high-quality, solid brass, pull-style drain that can be used to replace any standard 1/4" drain or petcock. This is similar to other drains of this type; however, this drain features a heavy-duty, large brass body, as well as a thicker steel cable with a durable poly coating. This screws into the threads on the bottom of your tank, with this drain, you do not have to get on the ground and manually twist it open to release the moisture. All you do is pull on the cable and the unique design of the valve releases air pressure and moisture. When you release the cable the drain valve automatically seals itself and does not let any air pass through. This is a high-quality valve that is made in the USA. The solid brass construction along with the 36" poly-coated steel cable ensure a long life and years of reliable performance.


• Drain connection: 1/4" Male NPT (measures about 1/2" in diameter)
• Max pressure: 250 PSI
• Cable length: 36"
• Valve Measures: 1-5/8"
• Solid Brass
• Poly Coated Steel Cable