1/4" NPT Pressure Gauge U-Clamp Panel Mount Bracket Panel 2.5" Max Gauge Width

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1/4" NPT CBM Pressure Gauge Mounting Bracket - 2.5" Max Gauge Width

This pressure gauge mounting bracket is used to mount liquid-filled gauges to a panel. This bracket was designed to be used with any gauge designed for panel mount with a notch for a u-clamp style design most commonly 1/4" NPT center back mounted pressure gauges up to 2.5" wide. This bracket comes with both screws for mounting and has a chrome finish. This bracket works with all off the liquid filled 2.5" gauges that we sell in our store. 


• Fits Gauges Up To 2.5" Wide
• Designed for 1/4" CBM Gauges
• Comes with 2 Mounting Screws
• Mounting Width: 3-1/4" Center to Center
• Chrome Finish