1/4" x 1/8" Two Stage Air Compressor Pump Elbow Unloader Valve 90 Degree Relief

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Brand new air compressor 90° elbow unloader valve. This universal unloader valve assembly fits a large variety of common imported 2 stage air compressor pumps. This valve is located on the hydraulic unloader assembly which is on the front of the pump directly opposite of the crank shaft. A 1/4" copper or aluminum tube runs from this valve to the head of the compressor or check valve and unloads the head pressure once the compressor shuts off. If the compressor is not unloading, this is the valve that needs to be replaced. If this valve is continually leaking when your compressor shuts off, your check valve needs to be replaced.



90° Elbow Unloader Valve
Fits Most Imported 2-Stage Compressors
Unloads Head Pressure
1/4" Compression x 1/8" Straight Pipe