1.5" 1-1/2" Inline Compressed Air Compressor Line High Flow Regulator Valve

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1-1/2" NPT industrial grade compressed air pressure regulator with high quality 300 PSI liquid filled air pressure gauge. This regulator has a max pressure of 300 PSI and will regulate your air pressure anywhere from 0 PSI up to 250 PSI. The adjustable turn knob makes adjusting your pressure very easy. This regulator features a durable zinc body and a balanced valve design. This is a directional flow regulator that has an arrow on the bottom showing what direction the air needs to flow. There are 1-1/2" female NPT threads (measure 1-3/4" diameter) on each side for your main compressed air line and 1/4" threads on the outer sides for your gauge to go on either side and there is a plug to fill whichever side you don't use.

Check the specifications below for a complete measurement guide.



• Inlet / Outlet size: 1-1/2" Female NPT (measures about 1-3/4" in diameter)
• Width of regulator: 5"
• (Gauge will add about 2" more on the one side)
• Height (Valve Closed): 10-3/4"
• Height (Valve Open): 10"
• Length (Port to Port): 5"
• Operating Temp: 32 F - 125 F (MAX TEMP)
• Piston Operated
• Zinc B0-250 psig (B)
• SCFM: 500 @ 100 PSI
• 2.5" Center Back Mount 300 PSI Liquid Filled Gauge Included
• Gauge has 1/4" Male NPT Threads (measure 1/2" diameter)