1/8" Male To Female NPT Solid Brass Check Valve 500 PSI

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Brand new solid brass in line compressed air check valve. This check valve features a 1/8" male NPT thread as well as a 1/8" female NPT thread. This is a directional flow check valve with an arrow on the side showing which way the air needs to flow. This is a high quality solid brass check valve that is rated up to 500 PSI and has a crack pressure of 1 PSI. That means that this check valve will operate in any application between 1 and 500 PSI. This is a spring loaded valve with a durable seal and it is made in the USA by Conrader Manufacturing.


Valve Inlet Threads- 1/8" Female NPT (inside diameter measures about 3/8" inside diameter)
Valve Outlet Threads- 1/8" Male NPT (inside diameter measures about 3/8" inside diameter)
Total Length of Valve: 1-7/8"
There is an arrow on the valve that shows air flow direction for installation.

Double check that you have this valve installed in the right direction before operating.
Improper installation can cause damage to compressor pumps.