1 Gallon Air Compressor Oil High-Performance Conventional SAE 30W ISO 100 Milton

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Milton 1002 Conventional Air Compressor Oil - 1 Gallon

With improved lubricity and low-temperature specifications, the conventional air compressor oil from Milton protects against oxidation, corrosion, foaming, wear of metal parts, and sludge buildup to ensure a longer compressor life. Featuring low carbon forming tendencies, this compressor oil will quickly separate from water. The non-synthetic ISO 100 grade 30 weight compressor oil is for both reciprocating and centrifugal compressors where the manufacturer specifies a non-detergent oil. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features and Specifications:

• 1 Gallon
• SAE 30W
• ISO 100
• Superior Wear, Oxidation, and Corrosion Protection
• Prevents Formation of Sludge and Carbon Deposits
• Non-Detergent Formula Minimizes Foaming and Separates from Water Easily
• Works in Temperatures Down to -15°F
• Made in the USA