1" NPT Air Compressor Intake Filter Silencer Metal Housing and Element

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1" NPT Metal Intake Filter Silencer For Air Compressors

Brand new universal metal air filter housing with included filter element. This filter housing has 1" male pipe threads that attach to your intake. This filter is 3.5" tall (including threads) and 6" in diameter. The included filter element measures 4.25" outside diameter and is 2.1" thick. This is a high-quality air intake filter that fits a lot of different air compressors. Please see below for more details and specifications.


• 1" Male Pipe Thread (Measures 1.25" Wide)
• Filter Housing Height: 3.5" (Including Threads)
• Filter Housing Width: 6"
• Includes Filter Element
• Filter Element Measures 4.25" in Diameter x 2.1" Thick
• Part Number for Replacement Filter Element: FE-03