1" x 18" Stainless Steel Compressed Air Line Metal Flex Hose Tubing

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Brand New 1" x 18" Stainless steel flex tubing adapter hose for compressed air applications. This hose is designed to connect a compressor outlet, air dryer outlet, or any other compressed air equipment connection to your main air supply line. This is used to reduce any vibration stress, protect against thermal growth or slight miss alignment from the compressor or equipment to the secure wall mounted airlines in order to make an easy and reliable connection. This hose is 18" in total length and is made of stainless steel flex tubing with carbon steel 1" male pipe threaded ends on both sides. 


• 18" Long
• Each End Is 1" MNPT Pipe Thread (Measures about 1-1/4" Diameter)
• Manufactured in China
• Minimum Effort To Flex Or Bend Hose
• Stainless Steel Braided Hose Provides Thermal Growth Absorption
• Aids As A Vibration Isolator, Also Help With Minor Misalignment
• Suitable for Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps
• Rated For Full Vacuum
• Maximum Working Temperature 1500° F
• Made of 321 Stainless Steel Hose
• Max Working Pressure @ 70° F is 718 PSIG
• Max Working Pressure @ 500° F is 560 PSIG
• Max Working Pressure @ 1500° F is 287 PSIG