3/4" Air Compressor Pressure Regulator with Gauge and Wall Mounting Bracket

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Brand new 3/4" compressed air pressure regulator with gauge and free wall mounting bracket.This regulator has a max pressure of 300 psi and will regulate your air pressure anywhere from 7 psi up to 225 psi.The adjustable turn knob can be pulled out to unlock and adjust the pressure and once it is set you can press in on the knob and it will lock in place. This is a directional flow regulator that has arrows showing what direction the air needs to flow and is marked IN on the inlet side and OUT on the outlet side. There is 3/4" female npt threads on each side for your main compressor line and 1/4" threads on the outer sides for your gauge to go on either side and there is a plug to plug whatever side you don't use.


-Inlet and Outlet size: 3/4" female npt which measures about 1" in diameter
-Width of regulator: 3" x 3" square, the gauge will add about 1 1/2" more on the one side you put it.
-Total height: 5 1/2"