3/4 Compression x 1/2" NPT Gas Air Compressor Pilot Unloader Check Valve 145-175

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Conrader NG Air Compressor Pilot / Check Valve

This piloted discharge check valve is a combination of a pilot valve, a pressure discharge valve, and check valve in one complete piece to make a constant run air compressor with gas engine or electric motor. This check valve combo is made by Conrader in the U.S.A. and is an NG series valve. This valve is equipped with an in-line check valve and attached to the side is a built-in piloted unloader valve set to 145-175 PSI. There is a muffler on the exhaust air port to quiet down the unloaded air that is released once the compressor reaches 175 PSI. On the back of the valve there is a 1/8" Female NPT port that controls the throttle on a gas engine and/or unloader valves on some pumps.


• Material: Machined Brass
• 1/2" Male NPT Pipe Thread Outlet to Tank
• 3/4" Compression Thread Side Inlet for 3/4" OD Copper Tubing
• 1/8" NPT Female Pipe Thread Port for Throttle or Unloader Control
• Factory Set at 145 PSI Cut In & 175 PSI Cut Out Pressure
• Pressure Can Be Adjusted 30-40 PSI Up or Down
• 30 CFM Max Rating
• Equipped with a Manual Unloader Flip Valve at the Top of the Unloader

This valve is factory set at 145-175 PSI. Once your compressor pumps up to 175 PSI the unloader valve will kick in and your compressor will pump air through the muffler out to atmosphere until your air tank pressure gets down to 145 PSI. When your air pressure gets down to 145 PSI the unloader will stop, and your compressor will start building pressure again.