3/4" Female NPT Compressed Air In Line Regulator with 2" Air Compressor Gauge

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Prevost 3/4" Female NPT Compressed Air In Line Regulator with 2" Air Compressor Gauge

This bundle features a heavy-duty In Line regulator with an aluminum body with precision cut 3/4" female pipe threads for both inlet and outlet connections and a 2" Air Compressor Gauge. Adjacent to the inlet and outlet ports, there are 1/4" female NPT ports which can be used to install the 2" Air pressure gauge on either side which reads up to 200 PSI. The top of the regulator features a large, easy to adjust, lockable, pressure regulator knob that is made of ABS plastic and is highly impact resistant. This regulator and air pressure gauge are premium quality and will provide years of reliable precision air regulation!

Regulator Specifications:

• Brand: PREVOST
• Part Number: TR204
• 3/4" Female NPT In / Out
• 1/4" Female NPT Gauge Ports
• 225 PSI Max
• Set Pressure: 7-145 PSI
• 176 SCFM

Gauge Specifications:

• 1/4" Male NPT threads coming out the back of the gauge
• Gauge will show up to 200 PSI and there is a mark every 5 PSI
• 2" in diameter and 1" deep with the threads sticking out the back about 5/8" of an inch


This regulator features a locking adjustment knob to prevent accidental pressure changes when in use. To set the regulated air pressure, you must pull the knob on top of the regulator to the "unlocked" position. You can be sure the regulator is unlocked when the red line around the bottom of the adjustment knob is visible. When the knob is unlocked you can adjust the pressure by turning it clockwise / counterclockwise. To lock the pressure, push the knob down so the red is not visible. When the regulator knob is in the "locked" position it cannot be turned or adjusted. If you try to force the knob to turn when it is locked, you risk damaging or ruining the regulator.