Air Compressor 3/4" Filter Silencer Muffler Solberg Quiet Intake Head In Take

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Solbergt Intake Filter Silencer

Brand new Solberg SLCRT-075 intake filter silencer. This is a great accessory to add on to your air compressor! This silencer is installed between your compressor head and your intake filter. If you have a loud compressor in your shop or garage or if you want to make your current compressor even quieter, this silencer has a fiber filter insert and galvanized steel mesh holding it in place and it can help reduce the dB of your compressor and give you a more quite operating volume. This muffler features layered sound absorbent media and has minimal pressure drop because it does not rely on internal baffles, tubes, or other restrictive devices. Using this muffler can reduce high frequency noise by up to 30 decibels!


• 3/4" Female NPT Threads on Each End (Measures About 1" Diameter)
• Length: 11.5"
• Width: 2.5" 
• Can Reduce High Frequency Noise by Up to 30 Decibels
• Solid Steel Construction

If you require a male thread, simply us a pipe union adapter.