3/4" NPT Puma Air Compressor Intake Replacement Filter And Metal Housing

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Puma 3/4" NPT Replacement Filter Housing

Brand new Puma brand 3/4" NPT air compressor intake filter housing with a filter element. This is a heavy-duty metal housing with replaceable filter elements made to screw into the head of a compressor and filter the incoming air. These housings are made for Puma compressors but will work with any other compressor that have 3/4" NPT threads for the intake filter. The replaceable paper filter element is 1-7/8" tall, 2-1/2" outside diameter, and about 1-1/8" inside diameter. We also carry the replacement filter elements if you are interested search are other items for a "puma air intake filter".


• Hook up: 3/4" Male NPT Threads (Measure 1" on a Ruler)
• Canister Dimensions: 3" Tall x 4" Diameter (6" Including the Bottom Intake Tube)
• Replacement Filter Elements Available

Please Note: NPT threads measure 1/4" above their rated sizes when measuring with a tape measure or calipers. That means 1/8" NPT will measure 3/8", 1/4" NPT will measure 1/2", and 1/2" NPT will measure 3/4". If you have questions about your intake size, please message us before purchasing. Thank you!