1/2" Puma Air Compressor Oil Sight Glass & Gasket OEM Replacement New 2303021B

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Brand new 1/2" Puma Oil Sight Glass. This #2303021B sight glass with seal ring washer and is an OEM replacement part for Puma air compressors. This is a high quality Replacement sight glass that comes with a gasket. There is a red circle mark on the center of the sight glass to show you your oil level, and it is very easy to read. This is the newer metal version will also replace the older all plastic version as long as it has the 1/2" threads ( which measure about 3/4" in diameter. )

OEM Part Number: 2303021B

Sight glass has 1/2" Male straight threads which measure about 3/4" in diameter. 

Fits Puma Compressor Models: PK20 and other smaller Puma pumps. Please refer to your owners manual for the part number. Also, feel free to ask us any questions if you're unsure.