Cast Iron 3.5" Single Groove Pulley V Style B Belt 5L for 5/8 " Keyed Shaft

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Cast Iron 3.5" Pulley Single Groove B Section V Belt 5L w/ 5/8" Sheave Bushing

Masterdrive single groove 3.5" pulley for B/5L belts. This is a high-quality cast iron pulley. This pulley is designed to fit a 5/8" keyed shaft and features dual set screws to ensure a completely secure fitting. Most pulleys that are similar to this only have one set screw which makes them less reliable in many working conditions. This pulley is designed to be used with B Belts (also known as 5L Belts). You can use A Belts with this pulley; however, they will sit deeper in the grooves and reduce your pulley size.


• 3.5" Diameter
• Fits 5/8" Shaft
• Single Groove Pulley 
• Features Dual Set Screws
• Solid Cast Iron Construction
• Secure Reliable Performance
• Takes B Belts/5L Belts