3/8" OD x 3/8" Male NPT Connector Brass Compression Fitting for 3/8" OD Tube

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3/8" Male NPT x 3/8" Compression Brass Connector

This is a 3/8" male NPT by 3/8" compression straight pipe connector. This fitting connects 3/8" OD brass, bronze, copper, steel, aluminum, or iron pipe to a 3/8" female NPT outlet or fitting in a straight line.

Features & Specifications:

• Material: Brass
• Approximate Length (Nut Screwed Down Hand Tight): 1.5"
• Vibration Resistance: Fair
• Temperature Range: -65°F to 250°F
• Use With: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, and Iron Pipe

Note: 3/8" NPT measures about 5/8" in diameter.