30-50 PSI Adjustable Pressure Switch Well Water Pump Control Valve Lefoo LF10-W

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Brand new 30-50 PSI Adjustable Pressure Switch. This is a universal replacement switch most commonly used on well pumps and is equipped with a 1/4" female NPT input port located on the bottom of the switch. This switch comes preset from the factory to cut in at 30 PSI and cut out at 50 PSI. The cut in and cut out pressures are adjustable and there is a diagram on the inside of the pressure switch lid that shows how to properly adjust it.


• Corrosion Resistant and Non Metallic Cover
• No Wire Looping
• Straight Through Wiring
• Visible Contacts 2 Pole Double Break
• No Drift Pressure Settings
• Captive Cover Screw
• Ample Wiring Room
• Ground Screws
• Easy to Adjust
• 1/4" Female NPT Input