36" Inch Bullwhip Throttle Control Cable For Gas Air Compressors

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Brand new 36" long TCI series throttle control cable with side optional unloader connection port. This is commonly known as a "Bullwhip" and is produced by Conrader Valves and is made in the U.S.A. This valve controls the engine throttle speed on gas powered air compressors when used in conjunction with a pilot / unloader valve. This series of throttle cable is also equipped with a extra side port  as shown for a 1/4" compression fitting connection, this usually goes to head unloaders on pumps that are equipped with that option. This is the standard size valve that controls engines 8 HP or smaller. This valve has 1/8" NPT male pipe threads that go into the unloader / pilot valve on the compressor.


•Cable Length: 36" 
• For Use With Compressors Up To 8 Horsepower
• Min. Actuation Pressure: 80 psi
• Max Operating Pressure: 500 psi
• Operating Temperature Range: -15° to 400°F
• Stroke Length: 0.65 inch
• Retracted Spring Force: 6.7 lbf
• Inlet Connection Type: Male NPT
• Inlet Connection Size: 1/8″
• Outlet Connection Type: Compression Tube
• Outlet Connection Size: 1/4″