4 Port Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 140-175 PSI Import Style

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Brand new import style 140-175 PSI air compressor, pressure switch, control valve with a four port connection manifold. The switch listed is a universal replacement pressure switch that replaces import syle, Condor brand and more. This switch is equipped with an unloader valve, on / off pressure control button, and a four port mounting manifold.

The unloader equipped on this switch is used to unload the air pressure off the head of the compressor when the compressor shuts off, this way when it starts there is no pressure on the piston and the compressor is able to start load free. This valve usually has a 1/4" plastic or copper line that runs to the check valve or the head of the compressor. If your compressor does not have a unloader line then this valve can be left not hooked up and the pressure switch will still function properly.This switch can be used on a single, two, or three stage compressor.

This switch comes pre set to turn the compressor on at 140 PSI and shut off at 175 PSI. This can be adjusted to any pressure within the factory minimum and maximum set points listed below.


Preset Cut in Pressure: 140 PSI
Preset Cut Out Pressure: 175 PSI
Adjustable Pressure Setting
Differential: 28-55
Air Inlet: Four 1/4" Female NPT (If you need Male Threads Just add a pipe nipple)
Unloader Valve: 1/4" Push Lock (Unloader is located on the bottom of the switch)
There are 6 Wire Connections: (Two line in connections with a ground, and two motor connections with a ground.)
26 amps @ 220-240 Volts
26 amps @ 110-120 Volts

Minimum On: 70 PSI
Maximum Off: 200 PSI