5 Horsepower Three Phase Electric Magnetic Air Compressor Motor Starter Switch MSP16

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5 HP 3 Phase Magnetic Starter

Brand new 5 horsepower three phase 208-240 volt magnetic starter with a steel housing. This is a great quality starter with a built in overload which is adjustable from 12-18 amps. Also has a manual reset button that can be switched to auto reset. The steel housing has four 3/4"punch out holes for incoming and outgoing wires. Also included are three rubber surround grommets for the 3/4" holes to protect the wires if needed. Starter comes with wiring instructions.



• Starter Housing Size:
• 9" Tall, 5-1/2" Wide, 5-1/2" Deep
• Starter Rating:
• 5 HP, 208-240 Volt, Three Phase
• Amp Rating: 12-18 Amps / Adjustable

If you currently have a 5 HP air compressor and the contacts on your pressure switch keep burning up, a starter is what is needed to fix the problem.

If you are using this starter on an air compressor, you will also need a pressure switch to control the starter. In this application the pressure switch controls the on and off of the starter depending on the pressure setting of the pressure switch.

Due to this being an electrical item, there is no warranty after installation.