5 Way Air Hose Coupler Distribution Block Line Splitter Manifold 1/4" NPT MB-T5

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Brand new, solid aluminum, 5 port, 1/4" air splitter / manifold. This is a solid aluminum air splitter manifold that has a total of 8 1/4" female NPT ports in it. There are 5 ports on the front, one port on the back, and one on each end. This can be installed directly to your compressor and you can attach couplers, hoses, gauges and accessories into this manifold. You can also install this directly in your air line to split off of a hose or run mulitple tools and accesories from a single hose! The possibilities that this manifold present to you are almost limitless! This is a great accessory to have with you whether you're working in your home shop or garage, out in the field, or at any worksite!


Part Number: MB-T5
8 - 1/4" Female NPT Ports
(End Ports Come with Removable Plugs)
Solid Aluminum
Black Finish
Use To Run Mulitple Tools / Air Lines
Measures: 6" Long x 3/4" Thick 
**1/4" NPT Ports Measure Approx. 1/2" Diameter**

Couplers and plugs are NOT included with this purchase.