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5 Way Air Hose Splitter Manifold w/ Steel 6 Ball Bearing Couplers Kit 1/4" NPT

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5 Way Air Hose Splitter Manifold w/ Steel 6 Ball Bearing Couplers Kit 1/4" NPT

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Solid aluminum, 5 port, 1/4" air splitter / manifold with five high quality 6 ball bearing steel couplers and a solid steel plug, "Complete Kit". This is a solid aluminum air splitter manifold that has five 1/4" female NPT ports. This kit comes with five couplers and a coupler plug. The two additional end ports are plugged for future use if needed. This is a great accessory to have for your air line system and is extremely versatile. As you can see in the photos, this manifold makes it possible to turn one air compressor line into 5 or up to 7 if needed. You can easily connect this to a single air line and operate multiple lines for tools and accessories. This is a great option for when you need a few people working off of one compressor at the same time. Whether you're working in your home garage, shop, industrial settings, or on a job site, this is a great manifold to have on hand. Using this manifold can increase productivity at your work site and allow you to have more people working! This aluminum manifold has 5 ports on one side with an input port on the back, on each end there is an optional 1/4" NPT port that comes with a plug in it (for a total of 8 ports). If you want to use one of ports on the end of the manifold, simply remove the plug and install your attachment.

This kit includes the following:
Qty: 1 - 5-way Manifold)
Qty: 5 - NCACH (Steel 6 Ball Bearing Plugs)
Qty: 1 - Q1 (Steel Plug)

Part Number:MB-T5 (Air Line Distribution Block)
Eight 1/4" Female NPT Ports (End ports come with removable plugs)
Solid Aluminum
Black Finish
Use To Run Multiple Tools / Airlines
**1/4" NPT Ports Measure Approx. 1/2" Diameter**

Part Number: NCACH (Couplers)
1/4" Male NPT
Industrial Style
Solid Steel Construction
6 Ball Bearing Seal

Part Number: Q1 (Plug)
1/4" Male NPT Threads
Teflon Coated Threads for optimum seal.
High Quality
Steel Construction
Industrial Style Coupler Plug
Total Length: 1-3/4"