6 pc. Industrial Interchange 1/4" NPT Coupler and Plug Set

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Brand new 6 piece air compressor quick coupler and plug set. These couplers and plugs are industrial interchange which is the most common type of coupler and plug for air compressors. These couplers are top quality and have 6 ball bearings that hold the plug and the coupler together which makes them extremely durable compared to the competition which only has 4 ball bearings. These are solid steel plugs that are more resistant to dents and crushing from drops and being dragged through the work place than brass plugs. This is a great set of couplers and plugs for any home, garage, or shop!

With this Purchase you will recieve:

(3) 1/4" Male NPT Plugs For Your Air Tools
*(1) 1/4" Female NPT Plug For Air Hose End
*(1) 1/4" Female NPT Coupler For Other Side Of The Air Hose
*(1) 1/4" Male NPT Coupler For Air Compressor Outlet