6 Ribbed Poly V Belt 42" Inch Micro Rib Groove Flat Belt Metric 420J6 420 J 6

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Brand new 6 ribbed poly V belt. This is a good quality belt that measures 42" outside diameter and is 9/16" wide. This is a 6 groove flat style belt as shown in the picture. This belt can be used in many different applications.

Listed below are some applications this belt can be used for.

Fitness primary drive 420J6 belt.

Browning-Jason-Gates 420J-6.

Campbell-Hausfeld BT004100AV Air Compressor Poly-V Belt.

BT-41 Durkee Atwood Belt for Air Compressor.

RIDGID TS3660 Motor Belt. 10 INCH BENCH SAW TS3660 Belt.

Goodyear/Veyance Technologies 420J 6.

PIX-420J6 (low-grade).

BNO 420J-6.

Optibelt RB PJ 1067 (6 Rib), Rippenbander PJ1067/6.

Metric Poly V: 6-PJ1067 (6/PJ1067).

And More!