6 Ribbed Poly V Belt 47" Inch Micro Rib Groove Flat Belt Metric 470J6 470 J 6

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Brand new 6 ribbed poly V belt. This is a good quality belt that measures 47" outside diameter and is 9/16" wide. This is a 6 groove flat style belt as shown in the picture. This belt can be used in many different applications.

Listed below are some applications this belt can be used for.

*OEM Sears Craftsman-Porter Cable-DeVilbiss C-BT-224 belt can be replaced with a 470J6 with minimal adjustment.

Sears Craftsman-Porter Cable-DeVilbiss Air Compressors (CBT224*).

Diamondback 300/U Series Elliptical Machine.

Recumbent exercise bike drive belt 470J-6.

PJ1194 Metric Belt with 6 Ribs.

And More!