69HAU3 Hubbell Furnas Air Compressor Pressure Switch 30-40 PSI With Unloader

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Brand new Hubbell brand formerly known as Furnas, air compressor pressure switch most commonly used for climate control applications. Model 69HAU3 comes pre set with a cut in pressure of 30 psi and a cut out pressure of 40 psi. This switch has a heavy duty metal housing, a larger diaphragm for more accurate pressure reading at the lower psi settings of the switch, and a unloader vavle on the side to unload pressure once the switch shuts off. Note: If you dont need the unloader it does not need to be hooked up and it will not affect the functionality of the switch.


Brand: Hubbell
Metal Housing Construction
Pre set for 30-40 PSI1
Minimum cut in: 15 PSI
Max cut out: 60 PSI

1/4" Female NPT Air Connection. (Note: 1/4" measures about 1/2" in diameter.)

Can be used on single or three phase.

Equipped with unloader valve.

Max HP Ratings: On 120 Volt single phase- 2 hp, On 240 volt single phase-3 hp, On three phase 240 volt-5 hp, On three phase 480/600 volt- 5 hp.

Note: If using in conjunction with a magnetic starter this switch can be used on larger compressors because amperage is not a issue at that point.