Air Compressor Oil 100% Synthetic 1 QT Quart Jenny Ultimate Blue 105-1209

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 Jenny Ultimate Blue 100% Synthetic Air Compressor Oil 1 Quart

 Jenny's Ultimate Blue 100% Synthetic Air Compressor Oil is engineered using the latest synthetic oil technology and provides a level of protection far superior to conventional oils, passing the most severe industry standards. This oil provides superior oxidation and thermal stability under high temperatures and ensures rapid start-up and quicker oil flow to critical components at low temperatures. This oil is recommended for use in use in single and multi-stage vane and reciprocating compressor crankcases and cylinders, vacuum pumps, and other compressor applications.


• Improves Compressor Efficiency
• Superior Protection in Extreme Temperatures
• Allows Easier Start-Up in Low Temperatures
• Eliminates Carbon Build-Up on Compressor Valves
• Anti-Wear Protection Means Longer Compressor Life
• Good for 2,000 Hours or 1 Year Between Oil Changes
• Non-Foaming
• Compatible with Petroleum Oils, Most Synthetic Oils, Most Seals, Paints, and Plastics Common to Air Systems
• Compressor Oil
• Synthetic Oil
• Not Food Grade 
• Size 1 Quart
• ISO 100 
• Flash Point 507 Degrees F (264 Degrees C)
• Pour Point -45 Degrees C
• Specific Gravity 0.8550
• Viscosity @ 100C 13.63 cSt
• Viscosity @ 40C 100.48 cSt
• Viscosity Index 136