Air compressor unloader control pilot valve 115-130 psi

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This listing is for a new air compressor unloader control pilot valve. This valve is just like our other unloader pilot valves with the male threads on the bottom except this is a shorter version with 1/4" female threads on the bottom so it doesn't take up so much room in cramped spaces. This valves is the same size in diameter but the height is 3 1/8" inches which is about an inch shorter than the other unloader valves. The valve is used to operate a compressed air system at a constant run with a preset pressure operating range to actuate throttle controls, intake unloaders or air actuated discharge valves. The valves preset operating range is 115-130 PSI, it has 1/4" female NPT threads that would be used for air hook-up or screwed on to the compressor tank and has 1/8" female NPT threads on the side of the valve as shown in the picture which is the port used to control a throttle, intake unloaders or discharge valve. If more than one outlet is needed it is common to use a "tee" to make multiple ports which can be purchase at a local hardware store. This valves preset pressure can be adjusted, below the manual unloader lever on the top of the valve there are two screw settings that can be adjusted there are lock-nuts holding each one in place the bottom one which is larger than the top one "you do not want to adjust"  it controls the valve itself, the top one which is the smaller one right below the manual lift lever controls the pressure setting, when screwed in it will INCREASE both cut in and cut out pressure and when screwed out it will DECREASE both cut in and cut out pressure, it is not recommended to be adjusted more than about 15 PSI in either direction.


• Operating pressure: cut in pressure 115 psi and cut out pressure is 130 psi
• Max operating temperature: 300 degrees F
• Max operating pressure: 200 PSI
• Air inlet threads: 1/4" female NPT which measures about 1/2" in diameter
• Air outlet threads: 1/8" female NPT which measures about 11/32" in diameter
• Also equipped with manual unloader / control lever which is located at the top of the valve. • If lifted in straight up position it opens the valve and puts pressure to the throttle control, head unloaders or discharge valve. 

• This valve is precision machined and all brass construction with stainless steel mesh filter on intake side of valve for a dirt free operation.

Made in the USA. 


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