B Section Dual Groove 2pc 7-1/4" Pulley w 1-1/8 Sheave Shiv Cast Iron V Belt

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Brand new 7-1/4" outside diameter dual belt B section 2pc pulley assembly. This is a high quality cast iron pulley that has a 7-1/4" outer diameter, is 1-3/4" wide, and comes with a 1-1/8" sheave to secure it to the motor shaft.

This is a easy to install pulley that comes with everything you need for a quick installation. You will receive (1) 7-1/4" B Section Dual Belt Pulley, (1) 1-1/8" Sheave, (1) Shaft Key, (2) Bolts w/ Lock Washers.

If your application only calls for a single belt pulley, you can just use one side of this pulley. Both grooves do NOT have to be used. Also, A Section belts can be used with this pulley; they just set a little deeper in the grooves, which will lessen the diameter by about 1/2". Be sure to keep that in mind when calculating RPM.