Campbell Hausfeld Speedaire TF Series Head Valve Plate Rebuild Kit

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Brand new head, valve, and valve plate rebuild kit for TF Series Campbell Hausfeld pumps, TK Series Campbell Hausfeld Pumps, and common Speedaire two-stage pumps built before the early '90s. This kit includes the reed plate gasket, top head gasket, bottom valve plate to cylinder gasket, the main steel reed valve plates that go on each side of the reed gasket plate, and an air filter.

Above is just some of the brands this kit will fit. This pump was private labeled for a lot of different companies before the early 1990s. This valve plate design was only used for this pump, so if your current valve plate looks the same as the one pictured, this kit will fit your compressor. This kit was used on 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder pumps. If your pump is a 4 cylinder V style pump, it will require 2 of these kits to rebuild both heads. Below is a list of some common models this kit will fit. If you have any questions about fitment feel free to contact us.

• 5Z404
• 3Z492
• TF007000AJ
• TF022200AV
• TF21N
• TX000021P
• VP70

This kit includes:

• (1) Reed Plate Gasket
• (1) Top Gasket
• (1) Bottom Gasket
• (1) Reed Valve Plate
• (1) Air Filter*

*Filter measures:

• 4-1/4" Outside Diameter
• 3" Inside Diameter
• 2" Thick / Deep