Cast Iron 3.5" Dual Groove Belt A Section 4L Pulley with 5/8" Sheave Bushing

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Cast Iron 3.5" Dual Groove Belt A Section 4L Pulley w/ 5/8" Sheave Bushing

Masterdrive dual groove 3.5" cast iron pulley/sheave with 5/8" H bushing for A section belt is a high-quality 2-piece pulley that measures 3.5" outside diameter and is designed to be used with an H style bushing. This bushing inserts into the center of the pulley and slides over the shaft, as you tighten down the bolts on the H bushing it will tighten down on the shaft making this style of pulley much more secure than a standard single-piece pulley. The bushing is made of solid steel and precision machined to ensure high quality and secure attachment to your motor/engine shaft. This pulley accepts A Section also known as 4L series belts and is 1/2" wide.


• Solid Steel Bushing
• Dual Groove Pulley
• For Use on 5/8" Shaft
• 5/8" Bushing Included
• Outside Diameter of Pulley: 3.5"
• High-Quality Cast Iron Construction
• Accepts: A Section / 4L Section Belts