Champion Air Compressor Pilot Valve Unloader 145-175 PSI 1/4" FNPT x 1/8" FNPT

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Conrader RCT1-F1-145-175 Pilot Valve - Replacement for M2853

Conrader Pilot Valves are used on compressed air systems to control other devices using a pneumatic signal. The pilot valve is factory set in a pressure range with a unload (cut-out) and load (cut-in) setting. As the system pressure increases and the unload (cut-out) pressure is achieved, the pilot valve opens and pressurizes the line downstream of the pilot. As the system pressure decreases and the load (cut-in) pressure is achieved, the pilot valve closes and depressurizes the line downstream of the pilot valve. This RCT1-F1-145-175 pilot valve features 1/4" female NPT inlet and 1/8" female NPT outlet threads and has a pre-set pressure range of 145-175 PSI. This works as a great replacement for the M2853 that is commonly found on Champion Air Compressors. This pilot valve does not have a manual lever for the unloader. 

Features and Specifications:

• Operating Pressure: 145-175 PSI
• Operating Temperature Range: -15°F to 400°F
• Inlet Connection Type: Female NPT
• Inlet Connection Size: 1/4" FNPT
• Outlet Connection Type: Female NPT
• Outlet Connection Size: 1/8" FNPT
• Mounting Connection: 3/8" - 16 UNC 2B

This listing is for one (1) Conrader RCT1-F1-145-175 pilot valve.