Champion Gardner Denver P05050A Air Compressor Polyester Filter Element PO5050A

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Brand new high quality polyester air filter element, part number: P05050A. This works with Champion, Gardner Denver, as well as many other reciprocation and small rotary screw air compressors. This polyester element filters dust, smoke, oil spray, and other contaminants from entering your air compressor intake. This filter can be washed up to 3 times by using warm water and light detergent. This is a 5 micron filter which is higher quality than paper filter elements. 


• Inside Diameter: 3" 
• Outside Diameter: 4-3/8" 
• Height: 2-5/16" 
• High Quality Polyester Element 
• Rubber Seal On Top / Bottom 
• Inner Steel Mesh Center 
• 5 Micron Filter 
• Washable Up To 3 Times